New Recruit

General update and introduction to our new recruit!

It has been a mad 2 years since I moved from Dorset to Gloucestershire, and a shock to think its already been 2 years! In that time I have not once updated my website, so thoughts I would touch base. I continue to cover both Dorset and up in my new home, Gloucestershire and hopefully all my clients would agree successfully juggling the two. I have been so lucky to have the continued support of my loyal clients down in Dorset coupled with all the new and now current clients here. It has felt like things have changed a lot in 2 years, the post Covid effects are still happening along with other political dramas affecting the everyday person and how we go about our lives. The cost of, well, everything going up recently has started to pinch and I am very aware if the impact this is having on my clients.Β  Where possible we are extending routine check ups and clients are getting very good at ‘homework’ and even hand on basic massage skills, a huge credit to their dedication to out fury friends.

Aside to all of this, and a positive note in what has been already another challenging year – here at Polgreen we are getting a new recruit! Poppy, the Vizsla will be joining us at the end of the month (August), making that two crazy Vizsla to keep spirts high. Poppy is related to our current Viz and hopefully will be just as well mannered. I generally don’t however tend to take my doggies with me anymore as yards can be so busy, however, already I have had several requests to bring said ball of fluff with me on my rounds!

As always I am actively taking on new clients, if you are thinking about physiotherapy for your horse and don’t know where to start do get in touch. I am always happy to answer any questions and help out where I can, without the obligation for an initial assessment.

Interested in our physiotherapy services and want to know how we can help you? Get in touch!